About reading for children

Reading for children is important for many reasons and is a part of their development. Research shows that it also encourages language development

It makes them understand the words and context on their way to building their own language and to understand the world around them. It also creates a desire to read.

Goodnightsaga.com is created by me and my wife. We have both backgrounds as teachers. My wife is a primary school teacher and I am a former teacher in mathematics and physics. I, myself changed later to the IT sector, both as a developer and an administrator. We were both interested in children's development, especially reading development in early ages. 

My wife, Inga-Lill Ottosson, has during her years in school and also with her grandchildren told stories. Often old classic stories but also some stories she had made herself.

After our retirement, we began to publish these stories to give our contribution to children's reading development in early ages. Stories, easy to access on mobile devices and were suitable for parents reading to their children.

Christer Ottosson